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Physical Therapy: Wellness Programs

Functional Movement Screen

The Functional Movement Screen is an innovative tool developed by the nation's top physical therapists for the purpose of elevating movement patterns in professional athletes. Designed to identify musculoskeletal imbalances, the FMS is used to solve movement issues which perpetuate chronic pain as well as to teach new movements that allow you to perform your daily activities at a higher functional level. Whether it's walking up the subway stairs, running the Marathon, your weekly tennis or golf games, or biking across Asia, the FMS allows you to perform better by learning what's not functioning optimally throughout your life span. Ignoring a weak link increases the potential for disaster, just as strengthening the wrong links will not improve the integrity of the kinetic chain. The FMS provides the means to identify and resolve any weak links that may be jeopardizing the body and its healthy motion.

The FMS consists of 7 movement screens designed to identify weaknesses that are not otherwise obvious. Duffy & Bracken's skilled sports science therapists are highly qualified analysts who provide a full movement evaluation and a 6 week corrective exercise prescription.

Cost $250

Post Surgical Aftercare Programs

Duffy & Bracken, PT understands the importance in total progression of full body functional strength and mobility throughout the process of recovery. While progressively treating the acute issue, the entire body is always considered and trained for the purpose of reducing the incidence of compensatory injuries later when the patient resumes their normal activities.

Two major components of the Duffy & Bracken post-op program are:

  1. before and after videos of client's gait and movement patterns, as well as
  2. the Functional Movement Screen to detect any imbalances in strength throughout the body that may contribute to compensatory patterns.

We also ask patients to take pictures of their daily workspace in order to inspect and detect any issues in their daily postural environments that may thwart their full recoveries.

Duffy & Bracken's hands-on coaching is designed to teach the patient not only what to do, but also why they're doing it. With clear understanding of their own bodies, patient's success rates increase dramatically.

Our ability to successfully motivate patients in their own recovery has virtually eliminated post-treatment compliance issues with our post-surgical patients. Personalized, at home exercise programs are goal oriented so patients can feel a sense of accomplishment as they move through each level. At Duffy & Bracken we work hard at making our patients enjoy and understand the work as much as possible so they can feel excited as they move through an otherwise not so fun process.

The result? Happy, strong and mobile patients are discharged on a daily basis.

Duffy & Bracken, PT goes the distance for full recovery.

Fibromyalgia Pain Management

It used to be that doctors thought that exercise might worsen fibromyalgia symptoms or accelerate the disease. So doctors encouraged patients to seek rest, not activity. But recent scientific studies have shown that, for most patients, range of motion, strengthening, and aerobic conditioning exercises are safe and necessary.

Experts believe that exercise is essential for keeping muscles strong and flexible, controlling weight, and helping you stay active in other areas of life. In fact, exercise and activity allow patients to have some control over fibromyalgia and the amount of pain they feel.

Does Exercise Boost Endorphins in Those With Fibromyalgia?
Studies show that exercise helps restore the body's neurochemical balance and triggers a positive emotional state. Not only does regular exercise slow down the heart-racing adrenaline associated with stress, but it also boosts levels of natural endorphins — pain-fighting molecules that may be responsible for the well-known "runner's high." Endorphins help to reduce anxiety, stress, and depression.

Does Exercise Boost Serotonin in People With Fibromyalgia?
Serotonin is a neurotransmitter in the brain that scientists have found to be related to fibromyalgia. Neurotransmitters are brain chemicals that send specific messages from one brain cell to another. While only a small percentage of all serotonin — 1% to 2% — is located in the brain, this neurotransmitter is believed to play a vital role in mediating moods.

Studies have found that too much stress can lead to permanently low levels of serotonin. That, in turn, can create aggression. An increased level of serotonin in the brain is associated with a calming, anxiety-reducing effect. In some cases it's also associated with drowsiness. A stable serotonin level in the brain is associated with a positive mood state or feeling good over a period of time. Lack of exercise and inactivity can aggravate low serotonin levels.

Happy Feet — Foot & Shoe Analysis

The average person wears shoes over 15 hours a day and since the foot is the body's only point of contact with the ground, its position effects entire body. Happy Feet is a program that allows you to find out if your shoes are working for you and your particular feet.

The program includes:

  • Foot assessment
  • Wet test to analyze your footprint
  • Orthotic education
  • Gait analysis
  • Shoe analysis -bring up to 6 pairs include your sport shoe
  • Shoe/sock education for foot type
  • Shoe prescription for sport & daily wear and personal shopping to teach you to find the right shoes
  • Education on how to identify potential foot & shoe problems and corrective strategies

Cost $120

Full Body Wellness Evaluation

For Pain Management and At Home Exercise. A full body wellness evaluation at Duffy & Bracken is suited for the person enduring the effects of various chronic conditions and diseases, or people looking for at home prevention exercises that target actual weaknesses.

Exercise can be a scary endeavor when someone is going through Rheumatoid Arthritis, Parkinson's, Diabetes, Multiple Sclerosis, Organ Transplant, Cancer Treatment, Osteoporosis or any life changing condition. People sometimes fear doing the wrong exercises or aren't sure if some pain or fatigue is appropriate. The Full Body Wellness Evaluation is meant to guide people in their individual journeys through identifying and designing an appropriate at home exercise program.

Duffy & Bracken's Wellness Evaluation gives you a full body evaluation in order to help guide you to the right method of pain management or relief and is a good and effective tool for people who are just beginning their fitness journey. Exercise, massage, acupuncture, nutrition guidance or manual therapy may all be part of your suggested treatment plan.

Cost $389


Osteoporosis is very difficult to reverse, however its progress can be slowed down in its tracks with exercise and a calcium/Vitamin D supplement. Managing Osteoporosis is the key to treatment in that building bone mass is the only way to keep it at bay. Exercise is the best way to build strong bones, and whether you already have osteoporosis or are concerned about developing it due to genetic indicators, Gravity Training classes at Duffy & Bracken are great management tools. Low-impact, weight bearing aerobic classes are the perfect solution for osteoporosis maintenance.

Arthritis and Rheumatoid Pain Management

The main treatment goals with arthritis are to control inflammation and slow the debilitating effects of RA.

Treatment is usually a multifaceted program of medications, occupational or physical therapy, and regular exercise. Sometimes surgery is used to correct joint damage. Early, aggressive treatment is key to good results. And with today's treatments, joint damage can be slowed or stopped in many cases.

When joints are stiff and painful, exercise might be the last thing on your mind. Yet when you have either osteo or rheumatoid arthritis, exercising regularly is one of the best things you can do to take care of yourself and your joints. Here is why exercise is so important:

  • People who exercise live longer, with or without rheumatoid arthritis.
  • Regular exercise can actually reduce overall pain from rheumatoid arthritis.
  • Exercise can keep your bones strong. Thinning of the bones can be a problem with arthritis, especially in rheumatoid if you need to take steroids. Exercise helps bones keep their strength.
  • Exercise maintains muscle strength.
  • Regular exercise improves functional ability and lets you do more for yourself.
  • People with rheumatoid arthritis who exercise feel better about themselves and are better able to cope with problems.

Duffy & Bracken can design a home program through full body evaluation or the GTS may be a perfect fit for you.

Posture Training — Stand Tall and Beautiful!

Stop the degenerative process that makes you look and feel old. Poor posture not only taxes your appearance, but it also puts in motion the processes wear on your spine due to misalignment. One imbalance can set off a chain of events putting you at risk for ailments much earlier than expected. Learn with a Physical Therapist how to correct your posture and make the changes needed to maintain good posture over the course of your life.

Cost $120

Sexual & Pelvic Floor Dysfunction

Painful intercourse is not as uncommon as you might think, even for men. Painful orgasm (male or female), painful penetration, symptoms of recurring urinary tract or yeast infections, are conditions that can be treated. Duffy & Bracken's skilled therapists have successfully helped thousands of patients get back to normal, healthy sex lives with their partners. This treatment may be covered by some out of network plans, please call us at (212) 402-5430 for more information.

Traumatic Illness Aftercare

Traumatic illness or events wreak havoc on a person's well being, and even after treatment is over and the illness is behind a patient, total well-being may not be immediately restored. Sometimes, life long conditions exist, challenging the everyday wellness of a person. Duffy & Bracken offers total care programs that help people who've experienced trauma get back to who they were prior to the event or illness.

Our Naturopathic Collective combines western and eastern medicine philosophies in order to offer patients a blanket of care that envelopes their issues. Physical therapy, acupuncture, naturopathic nutrition and exercise in Gravity Fitness classes are all elements of an integrated approach to battle the fatigue and weakness one may feel long after beating their disease.


Chronic constipation which includes not having daily bowel movements (or at least every other day) can result in abdominal or pelvic pain. Duffy & Bracken's pelvic floor therapists have a program of massage, exercise, dietary recommendations and relaxation techniques that is highly effective in treating the symptoms of constipation.


Loss of urine and sometimes feces are more common then you might think and getting back control of your pelvic floor muscles can give you back control of your bladder and bowels. Treatment includes manual therapy, exercise, biofeedback, electric stimulation, education & relaxation techniques.

Running Performance Program

According to the American Academy of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation an estimated 70% of runners will sustain an injury in any given year, with novice runners significantly more likely to be injured than seasoned runners. The Running Performance Program is ideal for runners of all skill levels, from the individual looking to start running for the first time to the advanced runner looking to improve their marathon time. From prehab to performance enhancement, this program can identify biomechanical faults that may place a runner at increased likelihood of sustaining an injury or identify structural imbalances that are contributing to chronic injuries. The Running Performance Program is designed by C. Shante Cofield, Doctor of Physical Therapy, marathoner, former Division I soccer player, and certified strength and conditioning specialist. Use your time with our running expert to learn more about topics like barefoot running or nutritional choices to help supplement your training. Multiple sessions can also be purchased to monitor progress and ensure your specific running goals are met.

The 60-minute one-on-one evaluation session includes:

  • A full-body functional movement and biomechanical assessment
  • Analysis of foot structure
  • Analysis of current running/exercise footwear (including orthotics) and recommendations
  • Video analysis of both walking and running
  • Personalized stretching and strengthening program
  • Analysis of your current running program with recommendations

Cost: $150

One-on-one follow-up sessions last 30 minutes and are priced as follows:

  • Single session: $75
  • Series of 3 sessions: $210 ($70/session)
  • Series of 5 sessions: $325 ($65/session)

"Fantastic and much improved! I went from daily, distracting pain to minor irritation."